Specialists for balance problems:

Dundee, Scotland:    Dr John Irwin
Bolton / Manchester: Dr. Dolores Umapathy, Dr Veronica Kennedy
Nottingham:              Dr Thomasina Meehan
Cardiff, Wales:         Dr Deepak Rajenderkumar
Portsmouth:              Dr Peter West
Medway, Kent:          Dr S Surenthiran
Sheffield:                  Dr Witana, Dr Dasgupta

Imperial:                       Prof Adolfo Bronstein
St.Georges's Tooting:  Dr B Ceranic, Dr Raglan
RNTNE:                        Dr Palaniappan, Dr Bamiou, Prof Luxon
NHNN,Queen Square:  Dr R Davies, Prof L Luxon

for children with balance problems:
Bolton / Manchester: Dr. Dolores Umapathy, Dr Veronica Kennedy
RNTNE:                     Dr Katherine Harrop-Griffiths, Nuffield Hearing & Speech Centre
GOSH:                      Dr Ewa Raglan

ENT and Scientists with Special Interest in Balance Problems:

Leicester:      Mr Peter Rea, Royal Infirmary
Reading:       Ms Debbie Cane
Winsor:         Ms Fiona Barker

(please let us know if there are any specialists for balance problems that we have not included, particularly in  areas that are not covered - fixear@fixear.co.uk)

For children with hearing problems please visit:

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